There’s Been ANOTHER Change of Plan

If you are familiar with the story behind our adoption of Harrison, you will remember that the recurring theme of the entire process was “there has been a change of plan”. Nothing went the way we planned with Harrison’s adoption, and as we set out again on the path of adding to the family, we were taken on another journey that we could never have imagined.


About this time last year, my wife was sitting on our couch filling out paperwork for an adoption agency. When she came to the financial section of the form, she read that we had to show proof that we already had enough money saved for an adoption before the paperwork could even be submitted. Harrison’s adoption was private, making the cost significantly lower than an agency adoption. We were a bit shocked to learn that the cost for domestic agency adoptions runs in the $20K-$30K range. At that point, we only had one quarter of the required funds saved up. Out loud, my wife prayed a prayer as she looked at the financial shortfall.

“God, you are the only one who can do this. If adoption is really what you want us to do, then you are going to have to create a miracle.”

She put the paperwork back in the file folder and we began thinking of more ways to save, more ways to raise money, and more ways to cut our family budget.

Weeks passed, and we continued our saving and fund raising efforts. Every penny that we could manage to save was put toward our adoption fund, and we were blessed by donations from a wide variety of people. Our Adoption Idol karaoke night and a time and talents auction put on for us by friends added significantly to our savings, and showed us what a blessing generous family and friends can be. (Side note: the ideas above were inspired by the book “Adopt Without Debt” by Julie Gumm — a great resource for parents who prefer not involving Visa or Master Card in their family planning).

Even still, we were well short of our goal.

Then one day last August, I received a private Facebook message that read, “I know that you mentioned in your blog several months ago the desire to adopt again and fundraising for that cause. Not sure how that is progressing, but after much prompting from God and discussions with my husband we would like to offer you and Heidi and Harrison the opportunity to expand your family with our frozen embryos.” The message was from a couple that had undergone past infertility treatments and had a number of children through IVF. They were certain that their family was complete, and since they did not want to simply destroy their remaining frozen embryos, they asked us if we would we be willing to adopt them and carry them ourselves.

As you can imagine, our heads were spinning. This was completely unexpected (a change of plan, if you will), and we weren’t sure what to do or say. After a lot of prayer and seeking counsel, we felt sure that this was God’s working, and we adopted the embryos and set a plan for implantation. Wouldn’t you know it – the cost of adoption and the medical procedure was the exact amount of money we had saved — an amazing confirmation that God’s hand was in this process.

Thanks to God’s goodness, and the generous support of family and friends alike, we are thrilled to announce that we are expecting Baby Gray 2.0 in October! Thanks to everyone for your love and support.

I’m going to have to rename my blog.

Your adoption taught us so much about God’s provision and faithfulness. Now you get to experience for yourself what it is like to have Him answer our prayers in ways we could never have imagined. I know you don’t understand the full weight of what has happened, but I think you are old enough now that you will be able to look back and clearly remember how God answered your little four year-old prayers for a baby brother or sister. You’re going to be a great big brother.

  • Julie Gumm

    That is soooo amazing. What an awesome story and what an awesome God we serve. So excited for you guys!

    • Michael Gray

      Thanks, Julie. Your book provided a lot of inspiration for us, and helped us give friends and family fun ways to be a part of our adoption efforts.

  • Corey Clark

    I just saw your post… Congrats you two! You both will make great second time parents.

    • Michael Gray

      Thanks, man. I hope you and your family are doing well. I could have sworn I saw you two at Desert Schools on McDowell not long ago. Do you guys bank there?

  • Kellars A & L

    So happy for you guys!

    • Michael Gray

      Thanks, Kellars!

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  • Stacey Thomas

    I love this story!!

  • Tiffany Jansen

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