Career Potential

Parents like to dream big for their kids. We may dream about our child one day becoming the doctor who discovers a cure for cancer, or the first astronaut to step foot on Mars, or an inspiring teacher who touches the lives of countless children, or perhaps an entrepreneur who creates amazing technological innovations. But sometimes, our kids demonstrate specific talents in other areas, and our dreams come face-to-face with another potential reality.

And we shudder.

Today, Harrison invited his best friend over to the house for some rough-and-tumble boy time. Now that he’s almost 4 years old, my wife and I try to afford him much more independence, and we don’t feel the need to hover over him while he plays. Normally, this works out just fine. But today, Harrison apparently decided to start a tattoo business out of his own bedroom. And guess who was his all-too-willing first customer?

After the initial first shock of the big reveal, we began to notice that Harrison seems to have already mastered some of the most popular types of tattoos (thankfully, tramp stamps are not included in his ink arsenal). If you are interested in a custom tattoo by Harrison, you can choose between these categories:


What better way to show your dedication and affection for the one you love than to have his/her image permanently tattooed on you body? Whether it’s an image of your significant other, your Siamese cat, or Sonic the Hedgehog (pictured below), let your love be forever documented on your skin:


Nothing says “I’m an enlightened, free-spirited citizen of the world” better than having a few random characters from an ancient language tattooed on your torso. Japanese kanji tattoos are great conversation starters because, let’s face it, how many people do you know that read Japanese? When people say, “What does that tattoo stand for?” you can appear über culturally sensitive when you tell them what it means:


You can be the saddest sack of unadulterated dorkiness on the outside, but if you have a tribal tattoo, people will not be mistaken that you are a wild, untamable warrior on the inside. Nevermind that tribal tattoos are the most unimaginative and typical type of tattoo out there, it will work for you:


Whether you lost a distant uncle in Vietnam, or your long-haired Dachshund died in a coyote attack, you can turn your body into a living memorial by having a name tattooed on your skin. Perhaps you love your tattoo artist enough to allow him to write his name on you, as Harrison’s client did:

I’ll admit that Mom and I have dreams about what we’d like you to be when you grow up. But no matter how much we want you to be or do something in particular, we’re going to let you take the path that you were designed to take, and we promise to give you as much support as we can. Whatever you choose, we want you to love what you do, and do it to the best of your ability.

  • Dixieleegray

    I love this, Michael! Harrison is VERY artistic! I would have loved to hear is “explanation” when you and Heidi walked in the room! Thankfully it was done in washable marker – – – 😉

  • Geoff

    I will say that for a 4 year old that is pretty good work. I can say that because I did once possess an exceptional talent for drawing as a youngster. Unfortunately older age has taken away a lot of the creativity and imagination my younger mind used to have. Now my creativity is translated through other mediums like plants and wood! None the less, I l Ike this paradigm because it does pose a legitimate concern amongst parents. Do you culture this talent and let it flow freely to its most likely profession or do you mold it and manipulate it to follow a more acceptable path of art like painting or graphic design? Does this conflict with your opinion on the “bent” of your child? Can a tattoo artist be successful creating positive body art only? So many questions…