What “Bruce Wayne” Taught Me About Generosity

Some people in this world make insane amounts of money, but billionaire industrialist and Gotham City playboy Bruce Wayne takes personal income to unimaginable levels of insane. Wayne is filthy rich, to be sure, but there is a side of Mr. Wayne and his globally-dominant Wayne Industries that many people do not see: The Wayne Foundation, his generous philanthropy organization. I got to tour the Phoenix offices of Wayne Industries this week, and I am going to leak a few very interesting secrets about the legendary Bruce Wayne (SPOLIER: Bruce Wayne is merely a secret identity for a well-known superhero).

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Tee Ball

This week, Harrison had his very first tee ball game. The fact that he is starting to play organized sports just blows me away. He’s just getting so big. Harrison is the youngest kid on the team, but he seems to be enjoying himself (despite the 108° field temperature).

Here are a few highlights:

Harrison’s team is the Pirates. Hopefully the professional team’s lack of success isn’t an indication of how our season will go.

The starting lineup. He’s on a team of 7 boys and 3 girls, ages 4 or 5.

He’s a handsome kid, no?

His first hit was great! His response time between hitting and deciding to run to first base was about 20 seconds. We’re still working on the hit-and-run concept.

His first position was right field. As you can tell by his demeanor, very few 4 and 5 year olds can hit it to the outfield.

For his second inning in the field, he scored the shortstop position.

Ground ball! Fortunately, our team was pretty good about not “swarming” around the ball.

Now he’s got it and he’s not sure where to throw the ball. First base? Second? Where’s my snow cone?

Dinner, Dogs, and Dinos

It’s not very often that Mom isn’t home for a whole evening, but the annual Parent Tea kickoff for Greatleaps Preschool took her away and gave us males a great opportunity to rock the y chromosome together at our semi-regular “We Are Boys” Night, complete with dinner, dogs, and dinos:

And here are a few photos of the Jurassic Park Train Expedition we built. I’ll be honest, there was some dino-on-snake violence, and the train derailed more than a few times and the dinosaurs feasted on imaginary human remains from the resulting carnage. What can I say? We are boys!

I am in awe that, without any guidance or prompting from me, you intentionally crashed the train and then had the dinosaurs come in and finish off the survivors. I suppose some people would want me to be appalled and take you in for early intervention counseling, but I’m proud. I remember telling Mom years before you were born that I wasn’t sure I wanted a boy. If I could go back in time, I’d slap myself. Thank you for showing me how wrong I was.

The End of a Generation

On Saturday, July 14, my last living grandparent, Jessie Spivey, passed away. She ended her journey on this earth a happy woman, with all of her kids at her bedside, and the hope of a new life waiting for her in Heaven. I’m grateful to have known such an amazing woman, and I’m comforted in the thought that she is in a place with no more pain, no more sickness, no more old age, and no more dying.

We love you, Grandma.

You probably won’t remember much about your Great Grandma Gigi, but I hope you never forget the blessing of being a part of a loving, God-fearing lineage. Many people in this world come from some really broken, dysfunctional, and hurting families, but you are a part of a family that has been led by some truly incredible people, including Gigi. Always remember that the way you live your life toady will impact your children, your grandchildren, and generations beyond. Live in a way that makes them proud, like Gigi has made us proud.

Career Potential

Parents like to dream big for their kids. We may dream about our child one day becoming the doctor who discovers a cure for cancer, or the first astronaut to step foot on Mars, or an inspiring teacher who touches the lives of countless children, or perhaps an entrepreneur who creates amazing technological innovations. But sometimes, our kids demonstrate specific talents in other areas, and our dreams come face-to-face with another potential reality.

And we shudder.

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Breakfast Trek

Heidi had a doctor’s appointment on the other side of town and left Harrison and me to fend for ourselves this morning. I didn’t feel like fixing the Gray home standard breakfast of peanut butter toast and Whole Grain Cheerios, so I decided to take Harrison out for breakfast. Problem: Heidi took our only car to her appointment. Solution: Breakfast Trek!

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First Dental Appointment