Set Your Piggies Free!

Anyone else ever get this song stuck in your head?

Baby Sleep Positions Illustrated

Regardless of whether you are a co-sleeping family, one that trains your baby to sleep in his crib at night, or any variation in between, at some point in time you have had the experience of an infant/toddler sleeping next to you in bed. It always starts out as a sweet, touching moment, but eventually it becomes a late night circus.

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Over-the-Counter Waterboarding

Breaking News! Did you know that the U.S. government has officially licensed the sale of at-home waterboarding devices? It’s true. You can buy them in thousands of retail stores around the country, most for less than $20. This marks a dark day in our nation…

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7 Christmas Concert Parent Fails

Last week I went to see my neice in her school Christmas concert. While I am a big fan of children belting out “Feliz Navidad” in very broken Spanish and singing songs about a traditional Jewish toy that none of them have ever seen or played with in real life, I just couldn’t fully enjoy the concert because I kept getting distracted by some incredibly annoying parent behavior. Can you relate to these common courtesy fails?

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