Disneyland Vacation Planner

With Summer quickly approaching, many families are now making their vacation plans. Well, if you’re thinking about taking the crew to Disneyland (or any other amusement park) this year, I would like to offer a FREE, customizable resource that you might find helpful. In preparation of our trip last year to celebrate Harrison’s 3rd birthday, I created a handy-dandy Disneyland Trip Planner.

This trip planner was made specifically for Disneyland, but you can modify it to fit any amusement park. The idea was to create a blueprint of what shows and attractions will be available each day of our trip so that we could plan ahead and not have to rush around the park trying to catch our favorite show or attraction. Considering that we traveled with extended family and had a large group, this planner was very helpful in preserving at least a portion of our sanity.

One especially cool feature is the crowd level tracker, which tells you how busy each park is expected to be on any given day. I got my crowd information from TouringPlans.com, an AMAZING planning resource for trips to either Disneyland or Disney World. They even have a smart phone app that offers real-time information on wait times for each ride in the park. Very helpful.

Well, I guess this post just proves conclusively that I am both a Disneyland nut and a control-freak firstborn. Hey, at least we knew what to expect when we headed down Main Street USA on that first day.

You want to use it to plan your next Disney vacation? Be my guest:

What’s your favorite Disney ride of all time? Leave a comment below:

I loved celebrating your 3rd birthday at “The Happiest Place on Earth,” and I look forward to more trips in the future. I hope that you will look back on all or family vacations with a smile. I know I will.