Tee Ball

This week, Harrison had his very first tee ball game. The fact that he is starting to play organized sports just blows me away. He’s just getting so big. Harrison is the youngest kid on the team, but he seems to be enjoying himself (despite the 108° field temperature).

Here are a few highlights:

Harrison’s team is the Pirates. Hopefully the professional team’s lack of success isn’t an indication of how our season will go.

The starting lineup. He’s on a team of 7 boys and 3 girls, ages 4 or 5.

He’s a handsome kid, no?

His first hit was great! His response time between hitting and deciding to run to first base was about 20 seconds. We’re still working on the hit-and-run concept.

His first position was right field. As you can tell by his demeanor, very few 4 and 5 year olds can hit it to the outfield.

For his second inning in the field, he scored the shortstop position.

Ground ball! Fortunately, our team was pretty good about not “swarming” around the ball.

Now he’s got it and he’s not sure where to throw the ball. First base? Second? Where’s my snow cone?