We Are Boys

From the day they are born, babies are almost completely attached to Mom. For most dads the first few years of a kid’s life make us wonder if were even necessary beyond serving as the secondary diaper changer or substitute floor-walker. But eventually — especially with boys — our time comes.

With Harrison, my time came a few months ago. We were definitely close before, but his connection with Dad went from zero to sixty during the age of three. Now it seems like every day he looks for a way to identify with me — the photo above is a perfect example that Heidi discovered the other day. He now prefers to sit by me in restaurants, wants me to play “Kung-Swoo” (Kung-Fu/wrestling) with him every day, chooses me to read books before bed, you name it. When we do anything together without Mom, he always commemorates the event by saying, “Dad, we are boys.”

That line always makes me smile. It’s his way of saying, “Just you and me now, Dad”.

This new-found connection is very sobering if you stop to think about it. It’s like the “Cat’s in the Cradle” stage of fatherhood — now your child is learning how to behave by closely watching you. As fathers, we have a very important role in shaping our children from this point on. We must be very intentional about modeling proper behavior and strong values in all areas of life.

We’ve just started 2012, and the customary New Year’s resolution now has a new angle for me. Instead of just resolving to better myself for me, I am now forced to think in terms of “what do I need to change about myself so that my son can have a better role model in life?” I have a lot of things that need changing, and I will strive to better myself a little more each day — because Harrison wants to be just like Dad.

I can’t tell you what it means to have you look up to me like you do. The pressures and blessings of influencing your behavior, your values, and your understanding of what it is to be a man are immense. I won’t do everything right, but I promise to do my best to be a positive force in training you to become a man of great character and integrity. We are boys!

  • The2grays

    I love this post…I have read it over and over. I love that you are my son’s daddy!

  • Anonymous

    I love this post…I have read it over and over. I love that you are my son’s daddy!

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