Breakfast Trek

Heidi had a doctor’s appointment on the other side of town and left Harrison and me to fend for ourselves this morning. I didn’t feel like fixing the Gray home standard breakfast of peanut butter toast and Whole Grain Cheerios, so I decided to take Harrison out for breakfast. Problem: Heidi took our only car to her appointment. Solution: Breakfast Trek! About 2 miles away from our house is a Jack in the Box (by far the closest place that sells breakfast). Since Harrison loves to have adventures, I decided to make today’s breakfast into a mini-adventure. So we set out on the road. It’s already getting hot here in Arizona, so we had to stop periodically for some hydration.
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Is Spanking Child Abuse?

Recently, Charlie over at wrote a post that dealt with spanking children. He spoke up when he saw another dad who was too cavalier in hitting his own kid at the park. While Charlie didn’t specifically comment either way on corporal punishment as a whole, many of the commenters on that post had no problem letting their feelings on that issue be known. And to many of them, spanking in any form is on par with full-fledged child abuse. I have some thoughts on that. First off, let me just tackle the argument that corporal punishment in every form is tantamount to child abuse. Unfortunately, seeing people equate spanking (particularly when it is a controlled and predictable consequence for
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Free the Leash Kids?

Every parent has had the experience of having to eat crow because we found ourselves doing something that we swore in our pre-child days that we never would. You minivan drivers know what I’m talking about. Well, the issue of whether or not it’s acceptable to leash kids in busy public settings is a perfect example where many parents may have had to retreat. Let me begin by saying that I was anti-leash before I was a parent, and so far in my role as a dad I have not flip-flopped on this issue. During a recent Facebook conversation with my sister (and many friends and family) I was surprised to see how many people I know fully supported using
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Food Fight

One of the downfalls of having a good eater is that when he STOPS being a good eater, it becomes painfully obvious. For some strange reason, Harrison’s 2012 resolution appears to have been, “Stop being cooperative at the dinner table”. So far, he’s made good on that resolution. I was sitting at the dinner table tonight wondering what I should share with the world, and just couldn’t think of anything great. I don’t usually write at the dinner table, but tonight I am playing watchdog to a 3.5 year old who is on a semi-hunger strike. I finished my dinner 45 minutes ago. “What should I write about?” I think to myself. “Daddy! Let’s get ice cream!” Harrison says, breaking
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Michael Gray is a public-school-teacher-turned-work-from-home-dad living in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and three children.

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